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iPhonography February 2017

It’s been a busy month in terms of my creativity as I’ve been planning my photography projects for this year, as well as editing video and scanning a ton of negatives. I usually don’t carry around my dSLR with me on a daily basis for practical reason: I’m not a full time photographer, and I spend up to 10 hours daily at my office job. But I always have my iPhone, and if anything, it’s convenient for capturing images — or ideas for images. I’ve mentioned this before somewhere in a previous iteration of this website, that the iPhone’s camera is more than sufficient to capture good quality images. There are limitations the iPhone’s  hardware and software, but part of the art of photography is knowing those limitations and understanding how to mitigate them. So without further adieu, please view my retrospective of February iPhonography. 



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Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch…bespectacled me.

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The world beyond my window…

Just a couple of new iphonographs, entitled The World Beyond My Window (#1 & #2). More to come as this will likely be a weekly project. 

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