Botanical Series 1

The Botanical Series resulted from a sweltering summer afternoon spent at the New York Botanical Gardens. There are three distinct themes presented in the collection: roses, lotuses and greenery. My initial intent was to produce color images as the final product, and since I was still working with film at the time, I chose to shoot Fuji Velvia 50 because of it’s color reproduction, extreme fine grain, vivid contrast – all of which are important in creating a high quality image scan. Once the images were scanned, and I began reviewing them in Photoshop, I realized there was an opportunity to do something different and truly creative.

The art of hand coloring black and white photographs dates back to the beginning of photography, and after some experimentation with various Photoshop plugins I was able to develop some prototypical images, which emulated the classical convention of hand-colored images. There was still work to do: the technique needed refinement, and creating the right tone of the image while maintaining subtle colorization proved to be very time consuming. The production work on these images presented here took several months: about 30 hours of time was devoted to each of the final images in the collection – and there are many images that didn’t make the cut. But the end result is a stunning body of work. These images represent a celebration of color, contrast, composition and tonality – and inspiration. Fine art prints available at