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Fine Art Print Sold!

On February 17th, I sold a 20.000″ x 13.125″ print of Lobster Boat Under Purple Skies to a buyer from Barrington, IL. Although this marks my second sale through Fine Art America, I am hopeful for more. About the image: in August 2011, I spent a week in the Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard at a bed & breakfast overlooking Nantucket Sound. 

It was supposed to be a week of relaxation with my fiancee, but it turned out to be a period of feverous photographic activity. Every morning that week I went walking by the seawall with my cameras and tripods, wanting to capture the quintessential Martha’s Vineyard photo. I caught several. Check out the Martha’s Vineyard gallery page. Select fine art prints are available through Fine Art America


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iPhonography February 2017

It’s been a busy month in terms of my creativity as I’ve been planning my photography projects for this year, as well as editing video and scanning a ton of negatives. I usually don’t carry around my dSLR with me on a daily basis for practical reason: I’m not a full time photographer, and I spend up to 10 hours daily at my office job. But I always have my iPhone, and if anything, it’s convenient for capturing images — or ideas for images. I’ve mentioned this before somewhere in a previous iteration of this website, that the iPhone’s camera is more than sufficient to capture good quality images. There are limitations the iPhone’s  hardware and software, but part of the art of photography is knowing those limitations and understanding how to mitigate them. So without further adieu, please view my retrospective of February iPhonography. 



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Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch…bespectacled me.

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Rose Study

“It takes a loyal gardener to tend roses.” ― Sondra Faye 

These particular roses were not from my garden (which would be impossible, I live in an apartment), rather they were purchased from my neighborhood florist. The roses on this particular day were spectacular: very fresh, vibrant, no blemishes or damaged pedals. I purchased 2 dozen and immediately started setting up for the shoot. The challenge was creating a “natural” lighting with a single handheld speedlight while working at extremely close distances with a macro lens. After spending several hours tinkering with various camera and flash setting, lighting angles, tripod placement, refocusing and arranging the roses, I was finally able to capture this image. Both versions (black and white, color) are actually from the same image. Prints are available through www.jeremyherman.pixels.comTechnical details: Nikon D700, Nikkor 105 f2.8 micro lens, ISO 800, 1/60th @ f13.

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The world beyond my window…

Just a couple of new iphonographs, entitled The World Beyond My Window (#1 & #2). More to come as this will likely be a weekly project. 

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California Coastal Series: Big Sur

After years of false starts, numerous uncounted hours spent scanning negatives and countless hours editing in Photoshop, I am pleased to announce that the first part of the California Coastal Series, featuring images from the Big Sur region, has been published here on These images represent powerful compositions in monochrome and color, as each image attempts to capture the terrible beauty of coastal California. Please take a moment to visit the gallery page. If you have any questions concerning exhibits and print sales, please contact me through the contact formFramed fine art prints are available at

View Near Big Sur

View Near Big Sur

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A Guide to Paper Selection

Back in September I assisted a client with her first purchase of one of my prints, Acadia Sunrise, through Fine Art America. With the client being in New York City we were able to setup a consultation meeting where I walked her through the process of selecting a frame, mat and paper for the image. During the consultation the client raised several questions about paper selections (as there are several available through Fine Art America), specifically which paper would be best to display behind glass, which paper was best suited for an image characterized by intense color and contrast, and which paper would be best in a room that receives a lot of light.

I explained the difference in printing papers and what to consider when making a selection. Some papers have a have a warm or cold hue that affects the overall tone of the image, while others have finishes that affect contrast and/or brightness.

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